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A PTFE or Silicone Coated Belt will deliver premium performance at extreme temperatures for a wide range of Food Industry applications.

Key benefits:

  • Excellent release properties, even for sticky foods, such as flour-based doughs, and for sugar-coated or sugar-based products, e.g., doughnuts or chocolate
  • Very low friction - high abrasion resistance
  • Working temperatures:
    • Heat resistant up to +260 °C
    • Cold resistant down to -70 °C
  • Chemically inert
  • Easy cleaning due to non-stick PTFE coating
  • EC 1935/2004 and FDA Food Grade compliant

blackjack casino Beltech’s PTFE belts are the smart solution for a wide variety of baking processes. Flour-based products can be conveyed safely and efficiently through ovens at temperatures up to +260 °C.

Excellent release properties mean that baked goods are transferred easily and undamaged, reducing mess and waste and boosting hygiene.

Cryogenic freezing
Our PTFE belts are ideal for use in cryogenic freezing, a food processing technology that is rapidly gaining popularity next to mechanical food freezing.


Excellent release properties and easy cleaning.

  • Standard Fibreglass PTFE 100
  • Premium Fibreglass PTFE 100
  • DXL Fibreglass PTFE 100
  • K50-600 PTFE Kevlar

PTFE Coated Tape:

  • Standard Fibreglass S PTFE 100
PTFE Coated

Optimal airflow due to open mesh design.

  • Double Weft 4x4 Blue PTFE Mesh RV30
  • Glass 4x4 Brown PTFE Mesh 30-89
  • Mesh K64-515 1x1 PTFE Kevlar
Coated Mesh

Proven performance, dependable solutions.

  • Si Fibreglass PTFE White
Silicone Coated

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